Rescore Assignments

Your students' work on assignments is scored automatically when they submit it using the assignment's Scoring Answers setting. This behavior ensures that your students' assignments are scored correctly based on the assignment your student completed. However, you might need to occasionally rescore an assignment. When an assignment's Scoring Answers setting is set to Last, you can rescore the assignment to use the best answer for each question part instead of scoring using the last submission. When an assignment's Scoring Answers setting is set to any value other than Last, you can only rescore the assignment using your current setting for the assignment.

When you rescore an assignment, WebAssign compares your students' responses with the current version of the assignment and its questions, even if the current version is different from the version that was available when your students submitted their work.

There are two infrequent circumstances when you might need to rescore assignments in WebAssign:

  • You might need to rescore an assignment if your student sees a different score for the assignment than you do.
  • You might need to rescore an assignment if you changed the assignment or class settings after any of your students submitted responses.

Usually, rescoring is needed either because you added or removed questions in the assignment, or because questions on the assignment were changed.

In addition, changing any of the following assignment or class settings after students have submitted responses might necessitate rescoring:

  • Numerical tolerance
  • Significant figure checking
  • Partial credit for units
  • Counting off for syntax errors
  • Number of allowed submissions (including question overrides)
  • Point distribution for questions
  • Automatic bonus or penalty points
  • Randomization
Important Do not rescore assignments for past classes. If you have changed questions on an assignment for the current semester you will negatively impact the score of students who have previously taken the assignment because they will receive a zero for the updated or new questions.

You can rescore an assignment for a specific student, for one or more classes, or for a question that was changed after it was assigned.