Assignment Restrictions

You can add security and time restrictions to an assignment, require students to pass one or more prerequisite assignments before starting work on an assignment, or schedule an assignment to be completed as group work.

Security and Time Restrictions

password protected icon Password Protected
To open the assignment, your students must enter a password you create.
ip address restricted icon IP Address (Location) Restricted
To open the assignment, your students must be signed in to WebAssign from a specific location. You can configure IP addresses from which to allow or prevent access.
webassign lockdown browser required icon LockDown Browser® Required
The assignment will be opened in LockDown Browser, a third party tool that helps restrict students' ability to use other applications or access other Web sites while completing the assignment.
timed icon Timed Assignment
Your students have a specified amount of time to complete the assignment after it is started. A timer is displayed in the assignment to indicate the remaining time.

Conditional Release

conditional assignment icon Conditional Release
Each student must achieve a threshold score on a prerequisite assignment before starting the assignment with the conditional release restriction enabled.

Group Work

group assignment icon Group Assignment
Your students collaborate on the assignment in groups you define.