Rostering Options

Depending on your institution, you might be able to enroll students in more than one of the following ways.

At some schools, you might not need to enroll students in your course at all. Your school might use a supported Learning Management System (LMS), Shibboleth, or another method to add students to your WebAssign classes.

Option Description
Students self-enroll with a class key You will receive an email with a class key for the section. When you are ready for your students to enroll, give them the class key and they can enroll themselves in WebAssign.

Let Students Self-Enroll

Instructors enroll students from a roster Create a roster file with your students' information and upload it to WebAssign.

Enroll Students Using a Roster File

Students access from Blackboard® Link your Blackboard course (if you created your course in WebAssign).

Link a Blackboard Course to a WebAssign Course

Students access from Canvas™ Integrate the course with Canvas.

Canvas Integration

Students access from Brightspace® Integrate the course with Brightspace.

Brightspace Integration

Students acess from Moodle™ Integrate the course with Moodle.

Moodle Integration

Students access from Sakai® Integrate the course with Sakai.

Sakai Integration

Students access from school website (Shibboleth) Enter the Shibboleth entitlement key for the section. This is usually provided by the registrar's office on your official roster.

Enter a Shibboleth Entitlement Key

Students access from NGLSyncGive students your NGLSync class key or unique registration link.

Share Course With Students