Textbook Edition Update

For some textbooks, WebAssign makes it easy to copy your existing assignments to use a newer version of the textbook when you create a new course by copying an existing class section that uses the older edition of the textbook.

  • Not all textbooks are supported in the textbook edition update tool.
  • Students with multi-term access for the previous edition will need to purchase access to the new edition.

When creating your new course, click Edition Update Available next to the textbook.

When your new course is created, the scheduled assignments from your original course are copied and the new assignment copies are scheduled to your new course. Your original assignments are not changed. On the new assignments:
  • Questions from the previous version of the textbook are replaced with corresponding questions from the newer version.
  • Questions from other sources and questions with no corresponding version in the new edition are unchanged.
  • Assignment settings are copied from your original assignments.