Forums Overview

You can create a forum to improve communication between you and your students. Forums provide an easy way for students to help each other solve problems off hours.

Forums help the entire class stay informed by reading and responding to topics and posts that are pertinent to the class, such as questions about specific assignments.

You have flexibility when creating forums for your students. For example, you can create more than one forum for the same class. You can also use the same forum in more than one class, so that all of your enrolled students in all of those classes can access the same forum.

As the instructor, you can monitor the class forums for your class. You can even send an entire forum to the trash.

You can also lock a forum or a topic. Doing so prevents anyone from adding new topics or adding new posts to existing topics. The information is still displayed on your student's Class Forums.

Note To see how students view the forums, click View As Student and navigate to the forum for that class.

The forum hierarchy is as follows:

  • Forums contain one or more topics. Only instructors can create forums.
  • Topics contains one or more posts. Both instructors and students can create topics.
  • Posts are individual communications in topics. Both instructors and students can create posts.