Enroll Students Using a Roster File

Instead of letting students enroll themselves, you can create WebAssign user accounts for your students by uploading or copying and pasting student information from a roster file.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • You explicitly control which students have access to your course.
  • You can assign usernames for your students.
    Note: All usernames for an institution must be unique.
  • You can ensure that your students' information is accurate.
  • Students do not have an opportunity to mistakenly create multiple usernames.
  • If the usernames or email addresses in your roster don't exactly match your students' existing WebAssign account information, duplicate student accounts are created.
  • Depending on the size of your class and how you receive roster information from your school, preparing a roster file for use might be a considerable effort.
  • You must manually add late additions to your class before those students can begin work in WebAssign.