Enable Flash for Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox version 55 and later, the default Flash setting is Ask to Activate ("click to play"). If Firefox blocks the Flash plugin from running on a site, either you are prompted to run the plugin (Ask to Activate), or the Flash content doesn't run and no prompt displays. Use these steps to enable Flash content in Firefox.

  1. To enable Flash when content doesn't display and you are prompted to allow the plugin to run:
    1. Click Run Adobe Flash or click Manage plug-in use in the address bar.
    2. Click Allow. If you also select Remember this decision, Flash will be activated automatically for all future visits to the site.

      The Flash content loads normally, and the icon in the address bar shows the plugin as active (Manage plug-in use).

      Note If you don't see the content, try reloading the page.
  2. To enable Flash when content doesn't display and there is no prompt:
    1. Click Open menu > Add-ons.
    2. Click Plugins.
    3. Click Shockwave Flash, then click Ask to Activate or Always Activate.