Share Your WebAssign Course With Students

Share your course's unique course key and/or registration link with students so they can enroll in your WebAssign course and, if needed, create accounts.

Note These instructions are for K-12 teachers who use NGLSync to manage their WebAssign courses.
  1. If needed, sign in at
  2. Click More Details for the course you want to share.
  3. Share your Registration URL and/or Course Key with your students.
    • If your students have never used NGLSync, share the Registration URL. Students will simultaneously enroll in your course and create their accounts.
    • If your students already have NGLSync accounts, share the Course Key. Students will add your course to their existing accounts.
    • If your students are a mixture of new and existing NGLSync users, or if you do not know their status, share both the Registration URL and the Course Key. Students with NGLSync accounts can enroll using the Course Key or by signing in to their existing accounts at the Registration URL.
      Important Caution students not to create duplicate accounts through the Registration URL. Students should use a single account for all their WebAssign courses.

    If your course does not have a Registration URL or Course Key, see Self-Registration Disabled.

Students can enroll in your course and create NGLSync accounts if necessary.