System Requirements

Cengage web-based learning platforms require broadband internet access and supported web browsers and plugins.

Note WebAssign is experiencing technical difficulties in Chrome™ Version 80. See Issues with Chrome 80.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 74 or later
  • Firefox® 60 or later
  • Edge 17 or later
  • Internet Explorer® 11
  • Chrome 74 or later
  • Firefox 60 or later
  • Safari® 11 or later
  • Firefox 59 or later
  • Safari 11 or later (iPad only)
Note Flash® and Java™ content does not work on iOS.

Features and content are not optimized for a small screen size and might be difficult to use.

Other browsers and versions than those listed might also work, but are not supported. If you have problems when using an unsupported browser version, try using a supported browser version before contacting Customer Support.

Workstation Recommendations

  • Download bandwidth: 5+ Mbps
  • RAM: 2+ GB
  • CPU: 1.8+ GHz / multi-core
  • Display: 1366 × 768, color
  • Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB
  • Sound (for some content)