Roster Columns for Institutions Other Than U.S. Higher Education

For institutions other than U.S. higher education, an email address is not required. Instead, specify a valid Cengage username for each student in the roster.

Your roster file must include the following columns with the indicated column headings specified in the first row:

Heading Description
username Specify a valid Cengage username for each student.
firstname Student's given name, up to 32 characters.
lastname Student's surname, up to 32 characters.
password Initial password for students with no preexisting account. Must be 6-17 characters and include at least one number and one capital letter.
Tip Use an algorithmic formula in your spreadsheet to create unique initial passwords for each student, for example, by concatenating the first four letters of the last name and the last four digits of the student ID.
student id Optional: Student's institutional ID, up to 20 characters.
Note The required roster data must be provided for all students listed in your roster file.

Although still required, passwords and account details are not changed for students with preexisting accounts.

  • Column headings are not case sensitive.
  • Columns can be in any order.
  • Columns with other column headings are ignored.
  • Students can be listed in any order.
  • Student data must not contain empty rows.
  • Student data is case sensitive.