Advanced Conditional Points Example: No Points For Manually Scored Questions Until Graded

By default, your students immediately receive full credit when submitting answers to short answer, essay, file-upload, and Show My Work questions. Subsequently, when you or your grader scores the questions, your students' scores go down if they did not earn full credit. Use this conditional points formula to award 0 points when these questions are submitted, so when they are manually scored, your students' scores will instead go up.

You can use this example as shown or adjust the values as needed.


<eqn 0 * $POINTS>

Explanation for Students

No points are awarded for this question until it has been 
graded by me or my assistant.

To give partial credit when the question is submitted, change 0 to the amount of partial credit you want to give, for example 0.5 for half credit.

  • Formula must include a single <eqn> tag containing one or more Perl statements.
  • The value of the last Perl statement is used as the point value for the question or question part.
  • Formula is limited to 255 characters (including line breaks). Additional characters are not saved.