Tags for Controlling Question Behavior

Use the following tags to add or change question behaviors in questions you create in WebAssign.

The listed tags are valid only in Question unless otherwise indicated. 




Answer box


Specifies placement of the answer box or control.

Identify incorrect choices


Marks the start of incorrect choices (Multiple-Select Answer only).

Significant figures help


Sets position of significant figures help.

Symbolic formatting help


Sets position of symbolic formatting help.



Sets the position of a hint.

Answer feedback


Sets the position of answer feedback (Correct/Incorrect).

Use Perl


Use <eqn> in Question or Solution. Displays the result in red (to 3 significant figures for Numerical mode).

Use <EQN> in Answer (optionally, in Question or Solution). Displays the result without modification.

Deprecated Tags

The following tags have been deprecated and should no longer be used:

  • <SUBMIT>