Perl Variables for Math Questions (Algebraic and Symbolic Modes)

The following reserved Perl variables are used to return information or set behaviors in questions that you create in WebAssign.




(Algebraic) Sets the grading mechanism, for example, $CASGRADER=mathematica.


(Symbolic) Sets the list of values that will be used when comparing student responses to the answer key, for example, $DEFAULTVALS=[-1.1, 0.4, 0.9].


(Symbolic) Set $MAXERR to the allowable tolerance (>0) for evaluated student responses.


(Symbolic) Set $NO_REPETITION=1 to match each element of a set only once, so {1,2,2} ≠ {1,2}.


(Symbolic) Set $NO_SYMBOLIC_HINT=1 to hide the symbolic formatting help icon/link for the current answer box only.


(Symbolic) Set $ROSTER_ONLY=1 to require that students enclose unordered sets in braces, e.g., {1,2}.


Enables one of two pads for answering math questions (and hides symbolic formatting help icon):

$PAD='devmath' enables mathPad.

$PAD='calc' enables calcPad.


Sets the width of the answer box when not using mathPad or calcPad, for example, $size=20.