Perl Variables for Multiple-Choice and Multiple-Select Questions

The following reserved Perl variables are used to return information or set behaviors in questions that you create in WebAssign.




To display choices in the order listed in Answer, set $ORDERED to the positions (starting with 1) of one or more correct choices.


To set the location of each choice individually, set $SET_EACH_POSITION=1 in Answer. In Question, add an answer box <_> for each choice. Choices are still displayed in random order.


Returns position (starting with 0) of student's response to multiple-choice question. For multiple- select, use @$thisanswer.

Important Changing the value of this variable can cause your student's answer to be graded incorrectly.

(Multiple-Choice) Set $PULLDOWN=1 to display choices as a drop-down list.


(Multiple-Choice) When choices are displayed as a drop-down list, set $Select_Option to the text that should be displayed by default. If not specified, ---Select--- is shown.


(Multiple-Choice) Returns position (starting with 0) of correct response to multiple-choice question.