Naming of Student Files Extracted for Grading

To ensure uniqueness, files extracted for grading from a downloaded archive do not have the same filenames shown in the Grade Answers page. Instead, these files use a naming convention that identifies the student, assignment, question, and question part for which the file was submitted.

The naming convention for student files downloaded for grading is:



  • username and institution are your student's WebAssign username and WebAssign institution code.
  • AID is the assignment ID.
  • QID is the question ID.
  • question and part each identify the position of the question and question part in the assignment, starting at 0 for the first question or question part.
  • extension is the filename extension used in your student's uploaded file.

For example, if student dmwhite@webassign submitted a Perl script for the first part of the second question (question ID 1217570) on assignment ID 1010368, the file would be named: