Class Analysis Page

You can monitor the class performance on each assignment using the Class Analysis page.

Class analysis page for a whole course
Heading Description
Assignment Name The name of the assignment, with links to view the student's answers and an activity log.
Summary Links to the specific assignment with the correct answers and number of attempts on each question.
Category The assignment type.
Due The assignment due date.
N The number of students scores per submission.
mean The arithmetic mean for all student submissions.
median The median score for all student submissions.
standard deviation The standard deviation of scores for submitted questions. Lower standard deviations mean the values are tightly clustered; higher standard deviations mean the values are more widely scattered.
min/max The lowest and highest scores or times to complete submitted questions.
  • A red asterisk (*) beside a score indicates the score has been changed by the instructor.


You can perform a number of activities from the Class Analysis page.
To do this Do this More information
View the distribution of student answers for each question on each assignment Click summary Grades Response Summary Page
View assignment analysis Click the assignment name Scores Page for an Assignment
View data as percentages Click Percent
View data using the raw scores Click Raw