Grades Summary Page

The Grades Summary page is a snapshot of one student's progress on assignments right now.



Assignment Name The name of the assignment, with links to view the student's answers and an activity log.
Due The assignment due date.
Score The student's total points earned so far.
Total The total points that can be earned for the assignment.
  • A red asterisk (*) beside a score indicates the score has been changed by the instructor.
  • A red asterisk beside the due date indicates an extension was granted.
  • An answer key icon (key) beside a score indicates the student has seen the answer key for the whole assignment per your assignment settings.
  • The last row of the table summarizes the student's earned points and the available points for all assignments that are shown.


You can perform a number of activities from the Grades Summary page.

To do this Do this More information
See other assignments

At the top of the table, click Past, Current/Recent, or All.

See other students At the top of the table:
  • Click Prev.
  • Click Next.
  • Select a student from the Other Students menu.
Sort the table Click a column heading.

A sort arrow indicates the current sorting for the sorted column.

See your student's answers for an assignment Click the assignment name or responses. View a Student's Answers for an Assignment
See a log of your student's activity for the assignment Click log info. View Student Access Logs
Give your student more time or submissions to complete assignments
  1. Select the check box for each assignment.
  2. Click Grant Extensions/Submissions.
Grant Extensions for Multiple Students or Assignments
Excuse your student from completing an assignment Click the assignment score. Excuse Students from Assignments
Change your student's score for an assignment Click the assignment score. Adjust or Override Scores