Turn On Self-Enrollment for an Existing Course

You can turn on self-enrollment or change self-enrollment options after creating a course.

If you manage your course through NGLSync, see Self-Registration Disabled.

  1. Open the Roster page.

    From My Classes, click Roster under Class Tools.

  2. On the Roster page, click Student Self-Enroll.
  3. Click I want my students to self-enroll.
    Note This step is not needed if self-enrollment is already turned on.

    The class key is displayed on the Student Self-Enroll page.

  4. Optional: In Message to Students, type a short message.

    This message is shown only once to each student, immediately after they enter the class key to enroll in your course section.

  5. Optional: Select Require student ID.

    If selected, your students must set a student ID when creating their account or when first signing in if their preexisting account does not have a student ID.

  6. Click Save.
  7. When you are ready for your students to enroll in a section, give your students the class key.
    Important Each section has a unique class key. Be sure to give your students the correct class key for the section in which they should enroll.