Turn On Self-Enrollment When Creating a Course

When creating a course, you can set self-enrollment as the default rostering option for all your course sections.

If you manage your course through NGLSync, see Create Course.

  1. On the Course Editor page, set Roster to Students self-enroll with a class key.

    All sections that are added to the course will allow self-enrollment.

    You will receive an email with a class key for each section you create in this course. You can also look up the class key in WebAssign for any of your sections.

  2. Optional: Select Require student ID.

    If selected, your students must set a student ID when creating their account or when first signing in if their preexisting account does not have a student ID.

  3. When you are ready for your students to enroll in a section, give your students the class key.
    Important Each section has a unique class key. Be sure to give your students the correct class key for the section in which they should enroll.