Review Your Student's Work in Class Insights

With Class Insights, you can review your student's work for a specific topic rather than assignment by assignment. You can use this to identify what kind of problems need more study.

  1. Open the Class Insights page for your class section.

    Under Class Tools, click Class Insights.

    Note To return to the My Classes page, click back in the top left corner.
  2. In the Student box at the top of the page, type or select a student's name.

    You can type a partial first or last name to display a list of matching students in the current section. Click the student whose performance data you want to see.

  3. Expand a topic.

    Click expand beside the topic.

  4. Click a tab under the topic to list the matching assignment questions.
    Tab Criteria
    Needs Practice
    • At least one part was not answered correctly in one or two attempts.
    • All parts were attempted.
    Never Attempted At least one part was not submitted.
    Note For assignments that use question pools, all unattempted questions in the pool are listed here, whether or not they were included in the version of the assignment your student received.
    Correct on 2nd Attempt
    • At least one part required two attempts to answer correctly.
    • All parts were answered correctly in one or two attempts.
    • All parts were attempted.
    Correct on 1st Attempt
    • All parts were answered correctly on the first attempt.
    • All parts were attempted.

    The listed questions are from all of your student's current and past assignments covering the topic.

    Class Insights is available only for classes with textbooks in WebAssign, and provides information only for textbook questions. Questions from other sources are not reported.

  5. Click the question or assignment name to view your student's most recent answers.

    Clicking the question name automatically displays the specific question in your student's assignment.

  6. When viewing your student's assignment, click Previous Answers in a question heading to see each answer your student submitted for the question.

    Previous Answers is not shown if your student has no previous answers for the question.

    The Previous Answers page opens in a new window.
Note If you make past due assignments unavailable or prevent your students from viewing previous responses in assignments, your students' ability to review their work in Class Insights will be limited.

To change these settings, see Change Available and View Until Dates for an Assignment and Show or Hide Previous Answers on Assignments.