Interactive Best Practices Guide for Setting up your Courses for Course Coordinators

Get customized scheduling information that fits the way you work in WebAssign.

Answer 1 to 4 questions to identify the best scheduling workflow for you.

Coordinator Control

Do you schedule assignments directly to all class sections, or create a master section with assignments that individual instructors can use in their sections?

When Scheduling is Performed

Do you usually start the term by scheduling all your assignments, or do you schedule assignments periodically throughout the term?

Due Dates for Assignments

Do you schedule all assignments to be due on the same day of the week at the same time (example: Fridays at 4:30pm), or based on when each class meets (example: at the start of Monday's class)?

Copy Assignments

Do you want to allow instructors to edit the content of assignments you schedule to their classes?
"interactionpath" : { "startwith" : "pushpull", "paths" : [ "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccacopy;whensched=startofterm;relativesched=relsched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_1.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccacopy;whensched=startofterm;relativesched=absched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_2.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccacopy;whensched=asigo;relativesched=relsched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_3.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccacopy;whensched=asigo;relativesched=absched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_4.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccano;whensched=startofterm;relativesched=relsched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_5.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccano;whensched=startofterm;relativesched=absched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_20.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccano;whensched=asigo;relativesched=relsched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_21.htm", "pushpull=push;copyaids=ccano;whensched=asigo;relativesched=absched;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_22.htm", "pushpull=pull;endwith=t_i_sched_custom_6.htm" ]}

When you answer the last question, your customized information will be shown.