Add a Student

You can add a single student to your class in WebAssign.

Note If you manage your K-12 course through NGLSync, this feature is available from your NGLSync instructor dashboard and disabled in your WebAssign course.

You might have a student enroll or transfer to your course after you uploaded the roster.

Note You cannot change your students' account details like name, email address, or password. Students must update their own Cengage account details.
  1. Open the Roster page.

    From My Classes, click Roster under Class Tools.

  2. Click Add Student.
  3. In the Add User window, enter the student's information.

    If the student does not have a Cengage account, one will be created using the information you enter. If the student already has an account, your name and password entries will be disregarded.

    Student Data Required? Description
    Email Required Enter your student's school email address.
    First Name Required Enter the student's first name.
    Last Name Required Enter the student's last name.
    Password Required Enter a password for the student.
    Nickname Optional You can specify a nickname for a student that is displayed on your Roster next to their name.
    ID Number Recommended Including student IDs when available helps uniquely identify each student in WebAssign.
  4. Click Save.

The student is added to your class roster.

  • If you added a new student, give the student their initial password.
  • If you added an existing student, the student's name and password are not changed.

Either close the Add User window or click Add Another Student.