List Resource Materials on Your Students' Home Page

You can add any file as a resource for your courses. You can determine which resource materials you want your students to see, and which are for your own use only.

Important Only the course creator can add resource materials to a course. If you are not the course creator, contact the course creator listed in the Class Settings page to request that your resource materials be added to your course.

To add your own resource materials in WebAssign:

Tip If you just uploaded a new resource file and are still in the Resources tab, skip to step 5.
  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. Click the Resources tab.

    If the textbook you are using provides resources, those resources are listed below My Class Resources under a heading that identifies the textbook.

    Usually, textbook resources are organized by chapter. Resources are listed with icons representing common file types.

  3. Either at the top of My Class Resources or beside a specific section of the textbook resources (if available), click plus icon Add.
    • You can always add resources to My Class Resources, even if your textbook does not provide any resource materials.

      General informational resources such as syllabi should always be added to My Class Resources.

    • If your textbook provides resource materials, you might want to add some of your resources in the list of textbook resources in order to group it with other resources that apply to a specific chapter or section of the book.

    The Add File window opens.

  4. In the Add File window, select the file you want to add as a class resource.
    To do this Do this
    Use a file you previously uploaded to WebAssign for another class or for a question, assignment, or announcement
    1. Click My Files.
    2. Navigate to the file you want to use and select its check box.

      You can select more than one file.

    3. Click Add Selected.

    The selected files are added to the list of resources.

    Upload a new file from your computer Upload Images, Media, or Documents to the Resources Tab

    Your resources are indicated with an instructor icon icon.

  5. Select the resources you want your students to see.
    • Select the check box for each item you want your students to see.
    • Clear the check box for each item you do not want your students to see.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of either the My Class Resources panel or the textbook resources panel.
    Note Clicking Save saves changes only for the selected panel.

The resources you selected to share with your students are displayed on your students' Home page for your class.

Tip If you are adding resource materials for a course with multiple sections taught by different instructors, you might want to rename resource materials to identify either the instructor or section. This helps each instructor to identify their own resources since the list of resources displays the resources for all sections of the course.