Add Search Metadata to Questions

If you make your questions publicly available, you might want to add search metadata to your questions that indicate the covered subject matter or discipline. You might also want to indicate whether the question is still being edited or provide a comment about the question.

  1. If needed, click Show Additional Information in the Question Editor.
  2. Under Additional Information, specify any of the following information:




    A comma-delimited list of keywords describing the question.


    For math, physics, and chemistry questions, one or more topics in the discipline that relate to the question.

    Adding a classification includes your question in the collections listed in the Question Browser for any instructors who can find the question in search results. See Share Questions With Other Instructors.


    Whether the question is ready to be included in assignments (Usable) or is still being edited (Draft). This does not prevent the question from being included in an assignment.


    Any information about the question.


    One or more disciplines to which the question applies.

  3. Click Save to apply your changes.