Add Access WebAssign to Your Course Menu

You can add Access WebAssign to your course menu. This makes the Access WebAssign tool more visible to you and your students.

  1. Sign in to Blackboard® as an instructor.
  2. Complete these steps:
    Blackboard version Steps
    9 and later
    1. Click Courses.
    2. Click the course name.
    3. Click the + button at the top of the course menu.
    4. Click Create Tool Link.
    5. Type Access WebAssign in the Name box.
    6. Select either WebAssign or Access WebAssign from the Type menu.
      Note: The name depends on the version of the WebAssign building block that is installed.
    7. Select the Available to Users check box.
    8 and earler
    1. Click Manage Course Menu under the Course Options area.
    2. Click Tool Area.
    3. Select WebAssign from the Area Type menu.
    4. Enter an Area name.
  3. Click Submit.