Apply Assignment Templates to Existing Assignments

You can apply an assignment template to multiple assignments without having to open each assignment individually. This lets you quickly update a group of assignments to use the same assignment settings, including category, submissions, randomization, and learning tools and feedback settings.

  1. Click Assignments > Assignment Templates.

    The Assignment Templates Manager opens.

  2. In the Assignment Templates Manager, click Apply to for the assignment template that you want to apply.

    Your assignments are listed with the assignment category and permission group and any terms and classes for which you have scheduled each assignment.

    Note Instances when other instructors have scheduled your assignments are not listed.
    apply template page
  3. If needed, you can filter the list of assignments by selecting or clearing check boxes for Browse By criteria on the left.
    Only assignments that match all selected criteria are listed.
  4. Select the check boxes of assignments that you want to change to use the assignment template.
  5. Clear the check boxes of assignments that you do not want to change.
  6. Click Apply Template.

Assignments that were selected are updated to use the assignment template. Assignments that were not selected are not changed.