Award Extra Credit

You can award extra credit for questions that challenge your students to go beyond the minimum requirements of the class and learn additional material or apply concepts in a more advanced way.

  1. If necessary, change the points for the question or assignment to 0.
    Extra credit questions and assignments should be worth 0 points so students' grades are not affected if they do not complete them.
  2. Open the Conditional Points window. 
    From hereDo this

    From assignment settings (Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager)

    Under Automatic Point Adjustments > Bonus or Penalty, click add or edit.

    From a single question (Assignment Editor)

    In the Bonus or Penalty column, click add or edit.

  3. Under Select a Condition, select Assign extra credit.
  4. Enter the number of points to be awarded for correct responses.
  5. If available, click Calculate Points Breakdown. This feature is not available when editing conditional points for assignment settings.
    conditional points page

    Review the point breakdown information. If needed, change the number of extra credit points to award and click Calculate Points Breakdown again.

  6. When the conditional points settings are correct, update the assignment.
    To update thisDo this

    A single question

    Click Update Question.

    All questions currently on the assignment

    Click Update All Questions.

    Assignment settings

    In the Assignment Editor, click Update.

The Conditional Points window closes and your assignment is updated.

The automatic bonus or penalty is applied immediately when your students submit answers that meet the specified conditions.

Remember to save your changes in the Assignment Editor.