Reply to Ask Your Teacher Messages Using Email

You can reply to your students' Ask Your Teacher messages by email. Your emailed reply is not included in the Ask Your Teacher conversation and does not change the answered status of the conversation.

You might want to email your student if they wouldn't be able to see your reply otherwise. For example:
  • You turned off Ask Your Teacher after your student sent a message
  • You removed the question from the assignment
  • The assignment has been unscheduled
  • The assignment View Until date has passed
  • Your student can't sign in to WebAssign

Your student must have a verified email address in WebAssign for you to reply to an Ask Your Teacher message using email.

  • Because students use Ask Your Teacher messages to request help, turn off this feature if you don't plan to answer your students' messages regularly.
  • Before responding to an Ask Your Teacher message, you might want to view your student's activity and responses for the assignment.
  • You can't respond to your student's message by replying to a notification email.
  1. Click your student's email address in the header of the Ask Your Teacher conversation.
  2. To add or remove recipients, click Contacts and select recipients.

    The Contacts window lists both students and instructors with student access to your class.

    • You can click a column header to sort contacts.
    • For privacy, the recipient list is not included in your message. This means that no recipient can see any other recipient of the message.
  3. In Subject, enter the subject of the message.
  4. In Message, enter your message.
  5. Optional: Select Send me a copy of this message.
  6. Optional: Select Send private WebAssign messages to students who do not have an email address on file.

    This option sends your message as a Private Message in WebAssign for students without an email address.

  7. Click Send.

Your message is sent.

Replies to your message will be sent to the email address associated with your WebAssign account.

After sending your reply, you might want to mark the Ask Your Teacher conversation as answered.