Unlink a Blackboard Course from a WebAssign Course

You can unlink a BlackboardĀ® course from the WebAssign course to which it is linked.

  1. Sign in to Blackboard as an instructor.
  2. In Blackboard, click Courses.
  3. Click the Blackboard course name.
  4. Click Control Panel to expand the menu.
  5. Click Course Tools to expand the menu, and then click WebAssign.

    If the WebAssign tool isn't shown, see Show the WebAssign Course Tool.

  6. Click Unlink Course.

The current Blackboard course is unlinked from the WebAssign course.

Note Because the current Blackboard course is no longer linked to a WebAssign course, the only options available when you click WebAssign in the Course Tools menu are to link the course or to create a new linked course.