Bill Your Institution

New course sections created in WebAssign — even ones copied from a bill institution section — require students to purchase access. To bill your school for access, change the payment method for each new section.

Note Courses created and managed in NGLSync are automatically billed to your institution. Your students will not be asked for payment.

Don't set the payment method to bill institution if your students have access codes or will purchase access individually.

Best Practice Create all sections for your course before changing the billing information.
  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Tasks > My Classes Page and find the section you want.

  2. Click Edit Class Settings.
  3. Click the Billing and Resources tab.
  4. Select Bill Institution as the student fee payment method.
  5. If needed, select either Homework only or Homework and eBook access.

    Only one option might be shown, for example, if no eBook is available or if eBook purchase is required by the publisher.

  6. Select a payment method and enter the requested information.
    Payment methodDo this:
    Purchase order (PO) Enter the purchase order number or type pending.

    If you have a copy of the purchase order, send it to:

    Fax: 919.829.1516
    Email: webassigncldccs@cengage.com

    Credit card Do not enter credit card information on this page.

    WebAssign will contact your school's billing department.

  7. Enter the billing contact information.
  8. To copy billing information to all sections of the course, select Apply to all Sections.
  9. Click Save.