Change a Student's Contact Information

You can update your students' names and contact information in WebAssign if needed.

The course creator and section instructor can change students' contact information, but others who are granted access to a course might not have permission to do so.

Your students can't change their names in WebAssign. Depending on your school, your students might be able to change their email addresses.

Note: You can create or update student WebAssign accounts only.

Changes to student WebAssign and Cengage accounts are not synced with each other. You can not change your students' Cengage accounts.

  1. Open the Roster page.

    From My Classes, click Roster under Class Tools.

  2. Click the name of a student.

    The Edit User window opens.

  3. If needed, click the Edit tab.
  4. Edit the student's information.
    Student Data Required? Description
    Username Required

    If needed, you can change your student's username.

    Usernames in WebAssign can contain letters, numbers, and the following characters: underscore (_), hyphen (-), and period (.). Usernames are not case-sensitive, so MaryAllen, maryallen, and mArYaLlEn are all the same username.
    Note: All usernames for an institution must be unique.
    Institution Required
    Important: Do not change the institution. This is already set to your school.
    FullName Required Enter the student's full name using the format lastname,firstname.
    Email Recommended Include the email address, if possible, so your student can:
    • look up their username if needed
    • reset their password
    • set up email notifications for assignments
    Nickname Optional You can specify a nickname for a student that is displayed on your Roster page next to the student's name.
    ID Number Recommended Including student IDs when available helps uniquely identify each student in WebAssign.
  5. Click Save.

Your student's information is updated.

Note: If you change the student's username to a different existing username, you will be prompted with a few possible options, depending on whether a student with the new username is enrolled in your class.

Select the option you want, or click Back and specify a different username.

Let your student know about username or email address changes.