Change the Conditional Release Threshold Score

You can change the threshold score for a conditional release restricted assignment either before or after some of your students have completed the prerequisite assignment.

Best Practice When possible, avoid changing the rules for an assignment after students have already started work.
  1. Open the Schedule page and navigate to the assignment.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Tip Click a scheduled assignment in the Assignments list to view the week for which it is scheduled.
  2. Beside the assignment, click Actions button > Edit Restrictions.
  3. On the Edit Restrictions page, select Conditional Release.
  4. Change the threshold score that your students must achieve.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you increased the threshold score, select how to handle those students who already met the previous threshold score but did not meet the new (higher) threshold score.

    A message specifies how many students are affected. Select the option you want to use.

    • Allow these students to retain access

      Affected students do not need to meet the new higher threshold score.

    • Remove access and alert these students of the new release score

      Affected students need to retake the prerequisite assignment to achieve the new threshold score before continuing to work on the conditional release restricted assignment, but the work they have already done is retained.

      Note Make sure that the affected students have enough time and submissions remaining to achieve the new threshold score. If needed, grant an extension or additional submissions without penalty to the affected students.

If necessary, repeat this procedure to change the threshold score for other sections of your course.

Important If you copy the section schedule to other sections after students have started work on the prerequisite assignment, students in the other sections who have not achieved the new threshold score will no longer have access to the conditional release restricted assignment. No notification is provided to the affected students.

You can either waive the conditional release restriction for the affected students or notify them about the change.