Change a Student's Password

If your student forgets her WebAssign password, you can change it if you have modify access to the course roster.

The course creator and the section instructor have this permission, but others who are granted access to a course might not have permissions to change passwords for students. You also cannot change your student's password if you use authentication through your institution or Blackboard®.

Note: You can create or update student WebAssign accounts only.

Changes to student WebAssign and Cengage accounts are not synced with each other. You can not change your students' Cengage accounts.

  1. Open the Roster page.

    From My Classes, click Roster under Class Tools.

  2. Click the name of a student.

    The Edit User window opens.

  3. Click the Change Password tab.
  4. Either type a password in the box or click Generate Password to have one randomly generated for you.
  5. Click Save.

Your student's password is updated.

Give the new password to your student.