Copy Section Schedule to Other Sections

You can copy the assignment schedule from one section into other sections in the same course.

For each section to which you are copying the scheduled assignments:
  • Assignments that were previously scheduled to the section will be updated.
  • Assignments that were not previously scheduled will be added.
Generally, there are two reasons why you might want to copy the assignment schedule from one section into another existing section:
  • You created the section you are copying to before you scheduled assignments to any sections of your course.
  • You made changes to the assignment schedule for one section that should be reflected in other sections to which the assignments have already been scheduled.
  1. Open the Schedule page.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Note The Schedule page opens after you create a course.
  2. If your course has multiple sections, select the section that you want to copy.

    Select a section above the Assignments list.

  3. Click Actions button > Copy to existing sections.
  4. Optional: Override the default copy settings.

    Click Advanced Options and configure what you want to copy.

    Setting Description
    Copy restrictions (security, time, conditional release) By default, the following restrictions are copied when each assignment is scheduled:
    • Password Protected
    • IP Address (Location) Restricted
    • LockDown Browser® Required
    • Timed Assignment
    • Conditional Release

    Group assignment settings and conditional release waivers for students cannot be copied because those settings are unique to the roster of students for each section.

    Create a new copy of assignments for each section

    By default, the original assignments scheduled to the section you are copying are scheduled to the new section. This means that if you make changes to the original assignment, those changes are reflected in every section.

    If you choose to create a new copy, the original assignments are copied and the copies are scheduled to the new section.

    Important If you create a new copy of assignments for each section, do not later attempt to copy the section schedule to other sections in the course.

    Because each section has a separate set of assignments, the assignments from the section you are copying will be added to — rather than updating — the existing (different) assignments in any sections that you copy.

    After creating a new copy of assignments for each section, the assignment schedules for each section must be managed independently.

  5. Select the sections to copy to.
    Unlike when adding new sections:
    • You cannot configure the section information for the sections to which you are copying
    • Instructor access and gradebook settings are not copied to existing sections
  6. Click Copy Section Schedule.
  7. Read the confirmation prompt, and click Copy Section Schedule.