Copy Items in Folders

You can copy a file, an image, an assignment, or a question that is in a folder into a different folder.

Copying works differently depending on what you are copying:

Images and files
Images and files are copied much as you would expect:
  • A new instance of the file is created with a new ID
  • Changes to the copy do not affect the original
  • Changes to the original do not affect the copy
Assignments and questions
Assignments and questions are not truly copied, but instead a shortcut is created in the new location.
  • The "copy" has the same ID as the original
  • Changes to the assignment or question in its copied location are reflected in the original
  • Changes to the assignment or question in its original location are reflected in the copy
  • By default, new assignments and questions you create are automatically added to the My Unfiled Assignments and My Unfiled Questions virtual folders. You must move assignments and questions to a folder before you can create shortcuts in other folders.
  • To create a new copy of an assignment or question with a new ID, edit the assignment or question and click Duplicate.
When you copy a folder, a new folder is created, and the contents of the original folder are copied based on these rules.
  • A new copy of each image and file is created in the new folder
  • A shortcut to each original assignment and question is created in the new folder
  1. In the toolbar, click folder icon Folders.

    Alternatively, open the My Files window when editing an assignment, question, or announcement.

    From this page:Do this:
    Question Editor Click My Files in the Page Tools panel.
    Assignment Editor Click Include File for either the Description or Instructions.
    Communication Home Click My Files to the left of your announcement text.
  2. Navigate to the item you want to copy.
  3. Select the check boxes for the items you want to copy.

    You can copy more than one item at a time.

  4. In the Modify Selected Items list, select Copy.
  5. In the My Folder window, click the destination folder.

The selected items are copied, and the My Folder window closes.