Schedule Course Pack Assignments

After adding Course Pack assignments to your Assignments list, you can schedule them just like any other assignments.

  1. Open the Schedule page.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Note The Schedule page opens after you create a course.
  2. Find the assignment you want to schedule in the Assignments list.
    • You can search your listed assignments by typing part of the name, category, or assignment ID in the search box.
    • If needed, click the Unscheduled down chevron icon heading to show assignments that are not scheduled for this section.
    • To see only Course Pack assignments, select the Course Pack Assignments filter.
  3. Drag an unscheduled assignment from the Assignments list to the Schedule panel.
    • If needed, drag the assignment to a different week number at the top of the Schedule panel.
    • Unscheduled Course Pack assignments are grouped under the Course Pack name.

      Expand the Course Pack to see the individual assignments.

    • Multiple unscheduled assignments with the same name are grouped together.

      Expand the group to see the individual assignments, or drag the group to schedule the most recently saved assignment in the group.

    • Dragging to the Scheduled section of the Assignments list will not work.