Class Insights Analytics for a Textbook Topic

Use Class Insights analytics for a specific topic to see which assignments and questions your students might be struggling with. You can also identify students who might need extra help with the topic.

Detailed performance data is listed for each textbook question and question part covering the topic, from each assignment you have scheduled containing such questions.

Note Assignments are not shown if no students have answered any questions for the topic.

Assignments are listed by due date, with the latest due dates at the top of the page.

  • Each assignment displays a status icon and summary performance bar graph for all questions on the assignment covering the selected topic.
  • Each question and question part covering the textbook topic is listed.
  • The number of flagged questions for each assignment is indicated beside the flag icon for the assignment. Each flagged question and question part also displays a flag icon, so you can expand a flagged question to identify which parts your students had trouble with.
To do this Do this
View analytics for a different section Select the section at the top of the page.
See a specific assignment category Select the assignment category — or All Assignment Categories — at the top of the page.
View analytics for a different textbook topic Select the textbook topic at the top of the page.
Preview an assignment Click the assignment name.
Preview a question Click the question.
Show or hide question parts Click Expand or Collapse.

You can also click Expand all or Collapse all.

View statistics for a bar graph Click the bar graph.

Depending on which bar graph you click, the Assignment Statistics, Question Statistics, or Question Part Statistics panel opens.

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Click < CLASS INSIGHTS in the top left corner.
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