Create Assignment Templates

You can create new assignment templates to specify the assignment settings that you use for specific kinds of assignments. For example, you can create an assignment template with all of your settings for pre-lab assignments.

  1. Click Assignments > Settings Templates.

    The Assignment Templates Manager opens.

  2. In the Assignment Templates Manager, create a new assignment template in one of two ways:
    • Click New Template to copy your default assignment template.
    • Click Duplicate for any assignment template to copy that template.

    Your new assignment template opens for editing.

  3. Edit the Template Name and Template Description.
    The template name and description help you to identify the template you want to use when you are creating an assignment. This information is never shown to your students.
  4. Edit the template settings.

    The template's settings are used for any assignments that use the template.

  5. Click Save.
After you create an assignment template, you can edit it, apply it to existing assignments, or use it when you create new assignments.