Create Assignment Templates from Existing Assignments

Create a new assignment template from an existing assignment to reuse its settings for other assignments.

You can also create an assignment template from an assignment that was shared with you.

  1. Find the assignment you want to edit.
    If Do this
    You know the assignment ID or name
    1. In the search box at the top of the page, select Assignment.
    2. Type the assignment name or ID and press Enter.
    You own the assignment Click Assignments > My Assignments.
    You organize your assignments in folders Click Assignments > Folders and navigate to the folder with the assignment.
    The assignment is scheduled
    1. Click Classes > class name.
    2. If needed, click All at the top of the assignments list to show all assignments for the class.
    You want to use advanced search
    1. Click Assignments > Search Assignments.
    2. Select the search criteria you want to use.
    3. Click Search.
  2. Expand the Settings section.
  3. Under Settings, click Save as New Template.
    This is only shown if you have changed settings from the default.
  4. Enter your template name.
  5. Click Save Template.
The new template is created with a copy of all of the assignment settings.