Create a New Assignment

Create your own assignments in WebAssign using textbook or custom questions.

Note This information describes how to use the new Assignment Editor.

If needed, click Try the New Assignment Editor in the original Assignment Editor to enable this improved experience now.

Also consider:

  1. Click Assignments > Create Assignment.
  2. Type an Assignment Name.
  3. Optional: Type Instructions to students for completing the assignment.

    Provide information for your students about the assignment objectives or refer to the textbook or class materials covered by the assignment.

    To add an image or a linked file, click Include File.

  4. Edit the assignment settings.
    1. Expand the Settings section.
    2. Under Template Name, select an assignment settings template to use.
    3. Optional: Review or edit the Scoring, Cheating Deterrents, or Student Feedback settings.
  5. Optional: Save customized settings as a template to reuse on other assignments.
    1. Under Settings, click Save as New Template.
      This is only shown if you have changed settings from the default.
    2. Enter your template name.
    3. Click Save Template.
  6. Add questions to the assignment.
    1. Expand the Questions section and click + Add Questions.
    2. Find the questions you want to add in the Question Browser.
    3. Click Add to select questions.
    4. Click Update Assignment to add the selected questions to your assignment.

      The Question Browser closes.

  7. Click Save.

Your new assignment is saved. Its unique assignment ID is shown after the assignment name.

It is not automatically added to any of your courses.