Create Assignments

In the Assignment Editor, you can use predefined or custom assignment templates to quickly configure your assignment behaviors; you can quickly view the content of specific questions and configure per-question behaviors; and you can see more information about your assignment settings.

To use textbook questions on your assignment, you must first have created a course using that textbook.

In WebAssign, you create assignments independent of a class context; by separating assignment creation from scheduling, WebAssign lets you use the same assignment for as many classes and terms as needed.

Important When you create an assignment, it is not automatically added to any of your courses. To learn how to add assignments to a course, see Schedule Assignments.
Best Practice
  • Set the assignment to display one question at a time.
  • Schedule frequent short assignments instead of a few long ones.
  • Use assignment templates to apply consistent settings for all of your assignments of the same type. WebAssign provides several assignment templates that you can use, or you can create your own templates.
  1. Click Assignments > Create.
  2. Under Assignment Settings, either select a template to use or configure the assignment settings.
    • To use a template, select Use this template and select the template you want to use.
    • To configure settings for this assignment only, select Do not use a template. Then, click Edit Settings and configure the assignment settings.
    If needed, click View Settings to see the current assignment settings.
  3. Type an Assignment Name.
    Every assignment must have a name.
  4. Optional: Type Instructions for completing the assignment.

    You might provide information for your students about the assignment objectives or refer to the textbook or class materials covered by the assignment.

    Tip Click Include File to add an image or a linked file.
  5. Click Question Browser and add questions to your assignment.
    1. List questions by navigating to a textbook chapter or section, by browsing your folders or collections, or by searching.
    2. Click the names of questions to add them to the list of assignment questions on the right.
    3. Click Update Assignment at the bottom of the list of assignment questions.
  6. Optional: Type Keywords that will help you or other instructors find the assignment.
    These are not displayed to your students.
  7. Click Save.
After the assignment is saved, its unique assignment ID number is shown after the assignment name at the top of the page.
By default, every question part on the assignment is worth one point. You can change the point value of individual question parts, questions, or the entire assignment. You can also override some assignment behaviors, like submissions, for specific questions.