Create a WebAssign Course From a Current Blackboard Course

You can create a linked WebAssign course in Blackboard®.

These steps are valid for Blackboard version 9 and later only.

  1. Sign in to Blackboard as an instructor.
  2. In Blackboard, click Courses.
  3. Click the Blackboard course name.
  4. Click Control Panel to expand the menu.
  5. Click Course Tools to expand the menu, and then click WebAssign.

    If the WebAssign tool isn't shown, see Show the WebAssign Course Tool.

  6. Provide the required information for the WebAssign course.
    Item Description
    Course Name The abbreviated course name and number, for example, PHY102.
    Description The course title or description, for example, Introduction to Mechanics.
    Term The academic term when the course is taught.
    Display After The date your students will start using the WebAssign course, and is usually the first day of class.
    Display Until The last date your students can access this course material in WebAssign, including final grades. It is usually a few weeks following the end of the term. You can edit this date later in WebAssign if you need to.
    Textbook The primary textbook that you will use in your course. If needed, you can add secondary textbooks later in WebAssign.
    • To use textbook questions in your assignments, you must select the textbook from which you want to use questions.
    • You are allowed to use textbook questions in your assignments only from the textbook you have adopted for your class.
    • You cannot use WebAssign to change the selected textbook after any students have paid for WebAssign access to your course. If you need to change your selected textbook after students have registered, submit a request to Customer Support.
    WebAssign building block version 2.1.0 and later: Auto-Sync Course Roster and Grades Select no if you do not want the course roster and grades to sync automatically between Blackboard and WebAssign.
    Note This option is shown only if automatic syncing has been enabled by your Blackboard administrator.
  7. Click Submit.

The new WebAssign course and the Blackboard course are automatically linked.