Create New Assignment Categories

You can create your own categories for assignments if the default categories —Homework, Quiz, Test, Lab, Exam, and In Class — do not meet your needs.

You can use your own categories for GradeBook or extension settings exactly as you would use the default categories.
Tip Consider creating an assignment template for any new category you add. With an assignment template, you can configure all of your assignment settings — including category — by selecting the template when you create your assignment.

Some categories you might create include Tutorial, Practice, Required, Optional, Class Project, Pre-Lab, or Post-Lab.

When you create your own categories:

  • Your categories are listed with the WebAssign default categories in the Assignment Editor, in the GradeBook, and in your extension settings.
  • You can use your own categories for any assignment in any class.
  • You cannot delete categories you create, but you can rename them.
  1. From the menu, click Assignments > My Categories.
    Tip You can also create or manage your categories from the Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager, or GradeBook.
  2. Type the category name and click Save.
    The name of your category cannot be the same as any of the default WebAssign categories or other categories you created.
  3. Close the Assignment Categories window. 
    Important If you are using the GradeBook or automatic extension policies, set the GradeBook or extension behaviors you want for your new category.
If you have the Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager, GradeBook Settings, or Extension Settings open, save your work and reopen the assignment, template, or settings to see your new category.