Create Questions by Duplication

If you find a question that is similar to the one you want to create, you can create a copy of the question. The copy is a new question that is just like the original, except you are the owner and can change it to suit your needs.

Note Observe copyright restrictions for textbook questions and questions authored by others. Questions that are duplicated from copyrighted questions should be treated as copyrighted material.
  1. Click Duplicate for the question you want to copy.

    You can duplicate a question from the Question Editor, My Questions, Question Search Results, and Recently Modified pages.

    The new question opens in the Question Editor.
  2. In the Question Editor, make your changes to the question and test it.
  3. When the question works as you want it to, click Save.
    The question is created and assigned a new unique question ID.
Important Some features of textbook questions are intentionally not available after duplication. These features are generally textbook-specific, and include eBook links and tutorials, simulations, and instructional materials associated with the textbook.