Create Polling Questions

You can configure one or more question parts as polling questions in order to grant students credit for any response. You can use polling questions to gather opinions from your students (as in a poll) or to record observational information, for example, the results of an experiment, when any response should be considered correct.

Note To gather numerical data from experiments, see Create Answer-Dependent Questions.

Your students' responses, marks, and scores are shown normally for polling questions, as per your assignment settings. The only difference is that polling questions are marked correct for any response. Your students receive no credit if they do not respond to the question.

  1. If needed, open your question in the Question Editor.
  2. Beside Mode, click Multi-Mode Options.
  3. In the Multi-Mode Options window, add the Poll mode before the mode that you want to use as a polling question.
    You can use either the mode buttons or the mode abbreviation:
    • Click Poll in the list of Available Modes, and then drag it above the mode you want to use in the Current Modes list on the right.
    • Type P before the mode you want to use in the Current Modes box at the bottom.
    • The entire question mode is configured as a polling question. To add subsequent question parts that are not polling questions, add a new mode after the configured mode. Remember to add <SECTION> tags in Question and Answer.
    • When you configure multiple-choice or multiple-select modes as polling questions, the order of the choices is not randomized.
  4. When the list of modes is correct, click Save.
  5. Click Test/Preview to test the appearance and behavior of the question. See Test Questions.
  6. When your question displays and functions correctly, click Save.

    WebAssign assigns it a unique question ID (QID), which is displayed in parentheses after the question name.

    You can use your question in an assignment and see it in your My Questions list only after it is saved.

Example Polling Question

The following table summarizes an actual question.




Template2 3.MULTM.04.




Was your experiment successful?


<SECTION>Student explanation


Question as displayed to students