Deny Manual Extension Requests or Ask for Information

When your students request a manual extension within the assignment, you receive a manual extension request notification in WebAssign. If needed, you can request more information or deny the request. You can also move requests between Answered and Unanswered.

  1. From the menu bar, click communication icon Communication.

    If needed, select a class.

  2. Under Extensions, click Unanswered.

    The list of extension requests shows your student's name, the assignment name, and the date of the initial extension request.

  3. Click the assignment name to view your student's extension requests for the assignment.

    All of your student's extensions and extension requests for the assignment are listed.

    Accepted automatic extensions are labeled as automatic.

    The extension request header includes the following information for the assignment:
    • your student's current score
    • how many responses have been used
    • your student's current due date
    • links to view your student's responses, other activity for the assignment, and the assignment itself
  4. Deny the request or ask for more information.
    To do thisDo this

    Ask for more information

    1. Click Send Reply.
    2. Type your message to the student.
    3. Click Send.

    When your student replies to you, the extension request is marked as unread and the date is updated.

    Deny the extension

    1. Click Deny Request.
    2. Type your message to the student.
    3. Click Deny Request.

Denied extension requests are moved to Answered and your student is notified that the extension request was denied.

You can manually move requests between Answered and Unanswered by clicking either Move to Answered or Move to Unanswered.