Display Matching Items in a Fixed Order

By default, the choices in each column of a matching question are displayed in random order when the question is used.

You can use either the $ORDERLEFT or $ORDERRIGHT variable to force items in either the left or right column to be listed in the order in which you specify them in Answer.

  1. Start the first line of Answer with one of the following:

    List to be displayed in order


    Left (prompt) list

    <eqn $ORDERLEFT=1; ''>

    Right (drop-down) list

    <eqn $ORDERRIGHT=1; ''>
    Note Although you can use both $ORDERLEFT and $ORDERRIGHT variables together, doing so is not recommended. If both lists are displayed in a fixed order, students will quickly catch on that the nth item in the left list always matches the nth item in the right list.
  2. Type the items in Answer in the sequence in which they should be displayed for the specified list.

Example Ordered Matching Question

The following table summarizes an actual question.




Template2 2.MATCH.03.




Match the inventor and the invention.


<eqn $ORDERLEFT=1; ''>Babbage {tab} analytical engine
Bell {tab} telephone
Edison {tab} phonograph
Franklin {tab} lightning rod
Newton {tab} reflecting telescope
Volta {tab} battery
Whitney {tab} cotton gin
magnifying glass
printing press

Display to Students

Question as displayed to students