Download All Submitted Files for Grading

When you grade file-upload questions that you do not want to open in your browser — for example, if you want to open submitted code in a text editor with syntax highlighting, or you want to print all of your students' files to grade with a pen — you might want to download all of your students' files at once. You might also want to download all of your students' answers if you want to grade them where you do not have Internet access.

You can only download answers to file-upload questions. Files uploaded for Show My Work questions cannot be downloaded.

Important Do not download your students' answers until after the due date for the assignment has passed.
  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. Click scores beside the assignment.

    The Scores page displays scores for the selected assignment for all students currently enrolled in the section.

    Note The page might load slowly if your class has many students or if the assignment has many questions.
  3. To download files only for specific students, select the check boxes for each student whose answers you want to grade.
  4. Click Grade Answers.
    1. For Questions, select either the ID of the question with files that you want to grade or Grade All.
    2. For Student Names, select either to Show or Hide student names when grading.
    3. Click Start Grading.

    A student's answers are displayed in the Grade Answers page, along with the answer keys.

    Only answers to questions that can be graded are displayed.

  5. At the top of the Grade Answers page, click Download to download all student file submissions in .zip format.
  6. When prompted by your browser, choose to save the file and specify the file location.
  7. Extract the files to a location on your computer.
    Platform Steps
    Microsoft® Windows® Right-click the .zip file in Windows Explorer and select Extract All; then specify where you want to store the extracted files.
    macOS™/OS X® Double-click the file in Finder.
    Linux® Use the unzip command to extract the archive in your file manager.

    To ensure uniqueness, files extracted from the downloaded archive do not have the same filenames shown in the Grade Answers page.

  8. Open each file and score your students' answers.
    Note If you are grading answers offline, you might want to print a copy of the assignment or question for your reference.
  9. Enter your scores and comments into WebAssign. See Grade All Answers for an Assignment for guidance.
  • You do not have to grade all answers at one time.

    You can click Save to save your scores and comments, and then grade the remaining answers at another time. You might want to make a note to yourself indicating which answers have been graded and which have not.

  • Multiple graders can review students' answers.

    If you want to average the scores of multiple graders, each grader should add a score to the Comment box (without removing comments or scores from previous graders). The last grader can then manually average the scores and type the resulting score in the Score box.

  • If you are grading answers after the end of the course:
    • The class will be listed under Past Classes.
    • The assignment will be listed under Past Assignments.
    • Your students will all be listed as Dropped.