Download GradeBook Data

You can save your GradeBook information to a spreadsheet so you can view your students' scores.

  1. Click Grades > Download Scores.
  2. Select one or more sections of a single course for which you want to download information.
  3. Click GradeBook.

    The Download Manager -- GradeBook page is displayed.

  4. For each section, select the students for which to download information.
    1. Select Current Students, Dropped Students, or All Students.
    2. Optional: If needed, select Include faculty with student access.
  5. Optional: Under Statistics, select any statistics you want to see.
  6. Optional: Under Format, select how to sort students and what student details to display.
  7. Select the File Type to download:
    • Excel -- single worksheet
    • Excel -- multiple worksheets, zipped
    • Excel -- single workbook with multiple worksheets
    • Tab-Delimited Text -- single file
    • Tab-Delimited Text -- multiple files, zipped
    • Comma-Delimited Text -- single file
    • Comma-Delimited Text -- multiple files, zipped

    The options for multiple worksheets or files are available only when downloading information for multiple sections.

  8. Click Download.

Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted to save the file or it might be displayed in the browser.