Duplicate Assignments

You can create a new copy of any assignment to which you have access. This includes both assignments that you created and assignments that have been shared with you.

Note Because you can reuse assignments in multiple terms and courses, in many cases you do not need to duplicate an assignment. Instead, you will either schedule the assignment or copy the assignment schedule from one class to another.

Usually, you duplicate assignments when you cannot or should not change the original assignment, but want to make changes in a copy of the assignment. Some instances in which you might want to duplicate an assignment instead of reusing it include:

  • If you want to update or correct a problem in an assignment that you have previously scheduled, duplication lets you make your changes in the copy without affecting scores for your students who have already taken the assignment.
  • If an assignment has been shared with you by another instructor giving you the assignment ID, or has been scheduled to your class by a course coordinator, duplicating the assignment lets you make changes in the copy that you cannot make in the original.
  • When collaborating with other instructors to create assignments using permission groups, it is often a good practice to duplicate the shared assignment and change its permissions before scheduling it to your classes. This ensures that other instructors cannot unintentionally change the assignment after you have scheduled it.