Edit Assignments

You can edit assignments that you created or assignments that have been shared with you for collaboration using group permissions.

Important Do not change assignments that your students are already working on. You are likely to cost your students points, submissions, or both. Instead, consider creating a copy of the scheduled assignment and making your changes to the copy.

If you must change a scheduled assignment, notify your students of the change and rescore the assignment. See Rescore Assignments.

  1. List your assignments.
    You can list assignments in several ways:
    • Click Assignments > My Assignments to list all of your assignments.
    • Click Folders and navigate to a folder to list assignments that have been filed in the folder, or to My Unfiled Assignments to list assignments that have not been filed.
    • Click ClassView, and select your class if necessary, to see only assignments scheduled to that class.

    With any of these methods, you can click column headings to sort the listed assignments.

    • If you have scheduled assignments in your classes that were created by other instructors, you might not be able to edit them.
    • If you have scheduled or copied an assignment that contained question updates, the original version of the assignment is listed only for the classes to which it was originally scheduled. The updated version of the assignment is listed in your My Assignments and Folders and for classes to which it was later scheduled or copied.
  2. Click edit for the assignment that you want to change.
  3. Make your changes to the assignment, and then click Save.