Edit an Assignment

Edit assignments that you created or assignments that have been shared with you.

Note This information describes how to use the new Assignment Editor.

If needed, click Try the New Assignment Editor in the original Assignment Editor to enable this improved experience now.

Important Do not change assignments that your students are already working on. You are likely to cost your students points, submissions, or both. Instead, consider creating a copy of the scheduled assignment and making your changes to the copy.

If you must change a scheduled assignment, notify your students of the change and rescore the assignment. See Rescore Assignments.

  • If you have a scheduled assignment that was created by another instructor, you might not be able to edit it. You can copy the assignment, then edit your new version.
  • If questions in your assignment have been updated since the assignment was originally created, the newest version will be used when you schedule the assignment.
  1. Find the assignment you want to edit.
    If Do this
    You know the assignment ID or name
    1. In the search box at the top of the page, select Assignment.
    2. Type the assignment name or ID and press Enter.
    You own the assignment Click Assignments > My Assignments.
    You organize your assignments in folders Click Assignments > Folders and navigate to the folder with the assignment.
    The assignment is scheduled
    1. Click Classes > class name.
    2. If needed, click All at the top of the assignments list to show all assignments for the class.
    You want to use advanced search
    1. Click Assignments > Search Assignments.
    2. Select the search criteria you want to use.
    3. Click Search.

    A list of assignments is shown. If only one assignment matches your search, it might be opened in the Assignment Editor.

  2. Click edit for the assignment that you want to change.
  3. Make your changes to the assignment.
  4. Click Save at the top of the assignment.